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  Yvonne Hens van Beurden  

Yvonne Hens van Beurden Yvonne Hens van Beurden

Career Summary
In my work as a trainer, coach and facilitator my passion for cultural anthropology is embedded. Both personal and cultural differences are fascinating and useful to reach effective cooperation. Insights in your own and other’s values and talents opens up the path to effective leadership.
With my vision I support teams and organizations for 20 years, with great pleasure and expertise. My specialism is: team development, international teams, personal effectiveness and leadership.

Clients I worked for are: Sloe Centrale B.V., Enecogen, Eneco, Sportbedrijf Tilburg, Fokker, Mindwork Vietnam, for Schouten & Nelissen, RijkZwaan, ING, Koninklijke Auris Groep, KLM cityhopper, A.S Watson, Schouten China en SBM offshore.

Owner HensTraining
Developing programs for effective communication and strong cooperation by training, coaching and consulting. Specialized in bridging cultural differences and experienced in technical and industrial branch.